Tournament info

Tournament I – Linked towns (finished)

10pm on 20nd of March, 2020 (ended)

Hello boys and girls! As we are all quarantining, it’s the best time to slow down and play some classics. I’m going to host several tournaments in OpenTTD.

Download the game from here:

Run the game and join our testing server: – map 1: linked towns.

The game runs from year 1950 to 2051. Official start of the game is 20 of March, 2020 at 10pm GMT (that is London time) and will end around 11:30pm the day after.

This game is free and open. Anyone can join. Future tournaments will be closed and there will be an enter fee and a final prize.

Please, set yourself a nickname before entering the game.

Keep an eye of this site to stay updated!

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