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Tournament II – Alpine hills (finished)

… and the winner is… BlueBus Transport with 851 points! Congratulations!

Company League Table showing the winner
Graphs showing other aspects.

1pm on 21st od March, 2020 – finished

Hello my fellow gamers! The next tournament is about to begin!

You can join for free. The prize for the winning company is $10 in Bitcoin. You will receive instructions.

How to join a game?

The password is stayhome.

Once you are in, please protect and name your company. Then, hit me an email at with the company name (subject: Tournament II). If you win, I will contact you via your email address.

Game details? Server name?

The game starts at 1pm on 21st March, 2020, GMT. Server name is “Visit for password. Tournament II – PRIZE!“. The password is stayhome. Please set yourself a nickname before joining the game.

Map of the world

Who wins?

The game runs from 1950 to 2050. Then, the most valuable company wins.


  1. Gaps in the city center. They woun’t be there forever.
In almost every city, there is a gap to the city center for your train station. Use it well!

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