Tournament info

Tournament V – 1945 to 2085

Server name: For PASSWORD Visit
Server password: stayhome

The game is finished by now, but the server is running and you can join.

Who wins?

The game runs from 1945 to 2085. On 31st December 2085, the most valuable company wins $10 in Bitcoin. After year 2075, the registrations are closed.

The winner is… AVC Transportni

How to register?

Simply join the server, start your company (set a password!) and email the company name to with subject Tournament V. Have fun!

Game rules?

Please follow the server rules.

Image of a city in the game
Cities are already large!

Game settings:

  • Maximum initial loan: Ł500.000
  • Infrastructure maintenance: on
  • Plane speed factor: 1/2
  • Maximum bridge and tunnel length: 128
  • Max trains per company: 64
  • Max planes per company: 64
  • Max road vehicles per company: 128
  • Max ships per company: 128
  • Maximum train length: 20
  • Maximum station spread: 40
  • No plane crashes
  • Towns control the number of nearby airports
  • Town growth speed: fast
  • Multiple similar industries per town: on

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